We plan our next litter in 2021!

Further information: Viktória Papp +36203679770

Litter plan change

We would like to inform you that the planned litter for 2021 spring is cancelled.
Puppies are expected at the end of 2021. More infos coming soon.



6 beautiful and healthy puppies were born (3 males + 3 females). All of them standard with amazing ridges.

He’s very balanced and atletic boy who lives in harmony with another entire males.

American Australian Polish bloodline

Born: 25/04/2013
Sir: CYNAMON Ciepły Dom “Cynamon”
Dam: NOON Leo Ginger “Noon”
Height and weight: 68 cm; 45 kg
Teeth: full / scissor
ED: 0/0
Certyfikowany profil DNA
D-locus: D/D 
Degenerative Myelopathy: N/N clear 
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy: N/N clear 

Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Poland

She may be mistrustful with the new unknown places she opens up very soon.
She never initiates aggression, but stands up for herself if needed.

Born: 25/03/2015
Sire: Harmakhis Wisdom Quasar
Dam: Bulawayo Baobab E-Saavik “Eli”

Height and weight: 64 cm; 35 kg
Teeth: full / scissor

ED: 0/0
OCD: Free 
LTV: Clear
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy: N/N clear
Degenerative myelopathy DM: Carrier P/N
Dominant homozygote (R/R) 2 ridge genes
D-locus: D/D
Malignant Hyperthermia: Clear (N/N)

Chamion of Hungary
Show Champion of Hungary
Champion of Romania
Grand Champion of Romania
II.RRCH Clubshow 2018 THE BEST BITCH BRED IN HUNGARY (Judge: Orit Nevo)
Champion of Bulgaria
Grand Champion of Bulgaria
Champion of Balkan
Balkan Winner 2019

Muhabura Princely Tiaa of Hungary “ZOÉ” 

(Harmakhis Wisdom Quasar & Bulawayo Baobab E-Saavik)

Heart Clear 
JME – Clear (N/N)
HD-A/A, ED-0/0, OCD: free, LTV: free

Champion of Hungary & Show Champion of Hungary


She may be mistrustful with the new unknown places but thanks to her curious nature she opens up very soon. After observing her surroundings she becomes initiating, sometimes shows sings of dominance. She recognizes her place in the crew even if it’s only temporary. She never initiates aggression, but stands up for herself if needed. She acts friendly and balanced with the puppies and if their temperament matches a huge game starts. However, if the puppies are overly obtrusive she may reprimand them. Zoé is extremely friendly with most bitches and male dogs.

Afrikan Makwangwala Abubakar Jelani To „MAXIM”

(Kangelani’s Ozzy by Thanzi & Maanhaar Primo-Creatus Bimkubwa-Devaney Kyla)

JME – Clear (N/N)
HD-A/A, ED-0/0, OCD: free, LTV: free
Degenerative Myelopathy – N/N
D-locus – D/D 
Hemophilia B (Factor IX) – is not carrier
Dominant homozygote (R/R) – 2 ridge genes

Champion of Hungary
Champion of Ukraine

Maxim has an excellent temperament, typical of his breed. He is strong-willed, confident and balanced with an aristocratic appearance.

Due to consistent training he is very obedient and good natured. He has no problem with interacting other adult males. Though he does not make friends with them, he shows no aggression either.





I met Bikila in 2015 at a CACIB dogshow in Padova and it was love at first sight. After I got home I looked up his lineage which immediately amazed me. Bikila is an exceptionally elegant and imposing dog.

Muhabura Fox River Bred_Mr. Black “ZEK”

 Muhabura Princely George Of Hungary_Mr. Gray “MAKARI”



The litter born in 2013 lived up to our expectations and many Muhabura puppies achieved outstanding results at Dog Shows, but most importantly, each puppy made the new owners’ day! Having seen this I felt that Eli deserved to be a mummy again!

By experiencing the first litter I gained a lot of proficiency in dog breeding; and my most important principle is that it is the quality breeding of dogs that matter and not the quantitative „reproduction” of dogs.

Thus the search for a new father began! The more experience one has the more factors one considers in choosing a stud dog! In this case, besides health, nice appearance, and appropriate temperament, I deemed the pedigree, that is, the lineage to be crucially important!

That is how I chose Harmakhis Wisdom Quasar (Mch Pronkberg Makari & Ch HW Leeba).   



Muhabura Prison Break Bennett_Mr. Beige ZAMAAR

Muhabura Prison Break KACCE_Miss Gray 

I have already written about the importance of keeping the typical characteristics of the breed, but meeting the health and appearance requirements are highly important as well.


These three main factors – exceptional temper, beautiful appearance and healthy puppies –  are the basics in choosing the male dog. I have put great efforts into finding a perfect match for Eli, and so I choose Harmakhis Wisdom Jock.


The pictures, the dog show results (accessible under the menu point of planned litter for 2013 and gallery), documents as well as the health certificates speak for themselves.